CLAMPS: Past Deployments

This page provides summary information about past deployments of CLAMPS1 and CLAMPS2. If you have interest in any of these data, please contact us.


In collaboration with other OAR labs and the DOE-SAIL project, CLAMPS2 deployed to Crested Butte, CO from October 2021 to January 2022 during SPLASH.

TRACER-AQ Collaboration

Although the main component of TRACER was delayed from 2021 to 2022, TRACER-AQ was still ongoing. CLAMPS1 deployed to Aldine, TX (N Houston) in support during Ausust-September.

NCAR-EOL Collaboration

July-August 2021 CLAMPS1 deployed to the NCAR Marshall Field Site along with several EOL instruments (MPDial, S-Pol, 30-m tower, RWP, etc.) for comparison and testing multi-instrument aproaches.


Both CLAMPS platforms deployed along with some additional experimental platform IOPs during June and July 2021 at the Kessler Farm site.


During August and September 2020, a CIMMS DDRF-funded deployment studied PBL-top detection methods by deploying CLAMPS2 near KOUN for 4 weeks and deploying CLAMPS1 and Kessler Farm for 2 weeks before moving it to NWS Shreveport (near KSHV) for 2 weeks.

NWC/RIL Deployment

During phased re-opening of OU in response to COVID19, CLAMPS1 deployed south of the RIL dock area in June 2020.


Both CLAMPS deployed in north central Wisconsin during September and October 2019.

All available observation data from above listings (i.e., after this point in time) are organized by campaign and accessible via THREDDS. Prior datasets (i.e., those listed below) are not organized this way at this time. Go to get data for more information.

SGP-MPDial campaign

The CLAMPS2 trailer (without Doppler lidar) supported NCAR/EOL in a test of thier water vapor DIAL system at the ARM-SGP site in June and July 2019. Measurements include thermodynamic retreival profiles.


The CLAMPS2 Doppler lidar only supported the Targeted Observation by Radars and UAS of Supercells (TORUS) field campaign during May and June 2019. Measurements include VAD-retreived horizontal winds and vertical velocity measurements in the near-storm enviornment.


Both CLAMPS supported VSE deployments. CLAMPS1 deployed near Courtland, AL from Nov. 18 - Apr. 19. CLAMPS2 deployed near Cullman, AL from Feb. 19 - Apr. 19.


CLAMPS1 supported the LAPSERATE campaign in Colorado's San Luis Valley in July 2018.


CLAMPS1 supported VORTEX-SE from Dec. 2017 - May 2018.


CLAMPS2 supported the LAFE campaign at the ARM-SGP site in Aug 2017.


CLAMPS2 deployed as part of a plains-roving campaign in May-June 2017.


In May-June 2017 CLAMPS1 deployed in a modular framework overseas as part of the Perdigao (Portugal) campaign.


CLAMPS2 supported the second phase of the EPIC campaign at the SGP site in May 2017.


CLAMPS2 deployed from Feb-March 2017 near Scottboro, AL for VORTEX-SE.


CLAMPS2 supported the first phase of the EPIC campaign at the SGP site in October 2016.


CLAMPS2's first deployment was plains-roving in May-June 2016.


CLAMPS1 deployed near Belle Mina, AL from March-May 2016.


CLAMPS1's first deployment was plains-roving in June and July of 2015.