CLAMPS: Data Access

CLAMPS data are now available via the NSSL THREDDS data server! As of August 2020, campaign specific data will be gathered and stored in named directories. Prior datasets are also available, though we advise contacting us for help finding the datasets you need. see Past Deployments for a list of CLAMPS missions.

Getting started

A THREDDS catalog is a way to describe an inventory of available datasets. These catalogs provide a simple hierarchical structure for organizing a collection of datasets, an access method for each dataset, a human understandable name for each dataset, and a structure on which further descriptive information can be placed.

Access CLAMPS data →

There are many methods and softward packages that allow you to interact with and download data from the THREDDS catalog. An example showing how to download and visualize CLAMPS Doppler lidar wind observations using Python and Siphon is available here.